Just Grab, Go and Throw with HERE FISHY

We created Here Fishy so that hobby fishing enthusiasts, specifically kayak and small boat based, have access to usable sonar technology without any of the usual restrictions that comes with fish finders.

We know first hand the priorities of a small fishing vessel – Weight and Portability. Heavy 12 volt batteries, mounting brackets that require holes to be drilled, cords going everywhere and charging the battery after every voyage –  NONE of this is acceptable.

Our objective at Here Fishy to make fishing fun and accessible again. Get you closer to that awesome feeling of a fish about to test your will.  We aim to save you from those wasted casts, testing the water for bites and instead put you in the best position - where the fish are.

We strive to provide the kayak fisherman with a Fish Finder that works out of the box!