Does the Nighthawk Fish Scanner work on all boats?

It absolutely does! The Nighthawk is designed to work best on boats that don't already have a power source. The Nighthawk Fish Scanner has its own internal battery which allows it to be used on kayaks and small boats, as well as larger boats when required. The Nighthawk Fish Scanner can also be used off jetties!

What powers the Nighthawk Fish Scanner?

The Nighthawk Fish Scanner is powered by AAA batteries that are easily installed via a splash proof door on the back of the hand piece. 

How long does the battery last in the Nighthawk Fish Scanner?

The Nighthawk Fish Scanner will range in use time depending on the quality of the batteries powering it however generally speaking the Nighthawk Fish Scanner will operate for over six hours of continuous use.

How does the Nighthawk Fish Scanner work?

The Nighthawk Fish Scanner utilises sonar technology to read the water beneath the device, looking for interruptions in the signal, identifying fish below. The easy to read screen displays depth and fish as they appear, putting you in prime location for fishing.

Do I need to purchase any additional accessories with the Nighthawk Fish Scanner?

Everything you need to get fish finding is in the box. This is a complete plug and play setup. All online orders come with AAA batteries that can be installed in under a minute, ready to start scanning fish in the water!

How do I operate the Nighthawk Fish Scanner?

Every Nighthawk Fish Scanner comes with instructions that are easy to understand and follow. General operation of the device is basic and intuitive for users. Further advice can be attained though our social media pages or you can contact us via our contact page here

Can I return my Nighthawk Fish Scanner?

Should your package arrive not as pictured or described on our website, we are happy to refund your full amount upon return on the device. Please note shipping will be at buyers expense.

Is Here Fishy an Australian business?

We certainly are, based out of Western Australia, we pride ourselves on being hobby fisherman who understand the needs of fellow fisherman.

How do I contact Here Fishy for more information?

Please reach out to our Facebook page or Instagram page. Also feel free to contact us here via our Contact page!